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VIDEO. The Russian anthem was played at the junior tournament at the Nadal Academy


Ten Pro competition organizers at the opening ceremony turned on the anthem of Russia.

Junior tournament in Mallorca Ten Pro Global Tennis Junior Tour takes place in the academy of the star Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal. The tour itself is not under the auspices of the international tennis associations, which have imposed sanctions on the Russians in the form of a ban on the use of the anthem and the flag.

But the organizers themselves could have acted differently and not played the anthem at the ceremony, which is not only a symbol of the state waging war, but also a means of torture, because it is forced to teach Ukrainian children in the occupied territories or civilians and soldiers in captivity. In the video, you can hear how the Russians themselves in the stands (relatives of the participants) were pleasantly surprised that they heard their anthem.

The founder of the Ten Pro tour is Serb Goran Novakovic, junior competitions are held throughout the year in various well-known academies: Nadal, Muratoglu, Clijsters, IMG and others. It is reported that tour participants can earn points in the UTR ranking.

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2022-11-30 11:10:00

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