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Matuzalem’s case is closed. The miner is no longer a creditor to Zaragoza


The Spanish Zaragoza, which is going through bankruptcy proceedings, no longer owes money to Shakhtar Donetsk for the scandalous transfer of Francelino Matuzalem.

The Brazilian midfielder in the summer of 2007 arbitrarily left the Pitmen’s camp and signed a contract with the Spanish club, after which Shakhtar had to spend several years to prove their case in this case and sue compensation in the amount of 13.5 million euros.

However, Zaragoza’s financial situation by that time was unsatisfactory, as a result of which the Spaniards’ debt obligations to the Pitmen were reduced to 4.7 million euros. In fact, Shakhtar received only 332,000 euros from Zaragoza in the Matuzalem case, while the rest of the amount was broken down and deferred, as a result of which the Pitmen could claim to receive it in full no earlier than 2031.

However, as it became known, Shakhtar is no longer one of Zaragoza’s creditors. The Donetsk club conceded its claims to an investment group close to the Aragonese, as a result of which it no longer claims any compensation from Zaragoza, even if it will someday restore solvency by going through the reorganization procedure.

It should be noted that in 2020 and 2021, Zaragoza did not pay anything on its debts, including to Shakhtar for Matuzalem, citing serious economic problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic and seeking appropriate delays in the Spanish courts.

Now Zaragoza plays in the Spanish Segunda, where it takes only 16th place out of 22 possible.

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2022-11-30 13:30:00

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