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“In the relay, everything will depend on Petrenko”


Oleksandr Kravchenko, head coach of the Ukrainian women’s biathlon team, spoke about the choice of line-up for today’s individual race and tomorrow’s relay race:

“Honestly, the day didn’t go well with us from the very morning. We found out that Yulia Jima had a positive test, and before leaving for training, we received news from the doctor that Ira had a sore throat. Therefore, we decided not to put Ira.

And with Elena, we did the first training session, and we had to put her on the race. So it’s hard to say anything, of course. It is very sad with such a result, but for now it is as it is. So we are waiting for the relay. Everything will depend on Ira Petrenko, because we don’t have more people yet.”

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2022-11-30 23:03:00

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